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Bonus Chapters, Mini-Interludes, and Rewards: (Will start during Arc 5)

Another way you can help support this site is through donations. This story updates officially on Thursdays, however, it’s possible for more chapters to be released as bonuses if a particular donation amount is met during a monthly goal. Since bonus chapters will not begin until the story reaches Arc 5 this number will not be given yet.

The amount donated toward that bonus goal will not reset until the goal is reached. Then bonus chapter will be written ASAP. If a goal is not met during a month, donations will continue to add up, but a bonus chapter will not be written for that month.  Once the donation goal is reached, that amount will be deducted from the current bonus total, the bonus chapter will be written, and whatever donation amount is left will be added toward the next bonus.

Due to the fact that funds from Patreon are not actually received until the month cycles over, bonus chapters from it will be calculated at the beginning of each month, after those funds are actually paid out.

Donate $3.50 or more and you will receive a free edited ebook version of Nature’s Kingdom’s first book when it’s published.

Readers that donate $8 or more dollars will also be able to create a character that will be inserted into the guestbook on the blog, along with with a small 20-100 word message relating to the Nature’s Kingdom world or current events in the story.

If you donate $17 or more you will be given the previous rewards and be selected for a Mini-interlude raffle. This raffle will allow you the chance to select for specific interactions between characters that normally would have remained off-screen. A mini-Interlude basically. These could range from anything from character interactions or reactions to backstory. Let me know what you’d like to see and I will consider it as long as it doesn’t spoil future plot developments. Mini-interludes run from 200-1000 words and will go up ASAP after a winner is picked and I have a brief discussion with the selected reader. Regular chapters get priority, however.

Donating more than those prior amounts will get you early access to unreleased chapters, artwork, and possibly a Nature’s Kingdom hardcover.


For those that support, from the people who choose to donate to the people who comment or just read the damn story—I can’t thank you guys enough. I’ll do it again and again if I have to. Thank you for taking the out of your day to read this story.  I look forward to creating exciting and gripping story content for you guys.

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